What is CMA Certification?

Boost Your Accounting Career with CMA(US)

Dedicate 6-9 months for 2 Exams


    • 40% to 600% hike in Salary
    • Assurance placement 100%
    • Hiring opportunities with MNCs
    • Over the Horizon Opportunities to work in US, UAE, and Canada

Shift from a Petroleum-based economy to versatile Economic gateways KSA has drastic drifts in Accountancy and Financial Management. Advanced learning such as CMA certification is highly in demand. We are privileged to announce CMA (US) certification Jeddah platform with a significant turnout.

CMA is a way of combining strategic financial management and accounting to acquire higher salaries and positions as a certified accountant. Hence, CMA Certification and how it adds value to your professional career are a few questions to be answered before enrolling in the course.

What is CMA Certification-Overview

CMA is a global benchmark for financial professions and management accountants. It embeds the information and expertise, including financial analysis, planning, decision support, control, and related professional ethics.

Already 1000,000+CMA, certified professionals are working in the field and are surpassing the other members of the same designation. CMA enables an ordinary accountant to acquire better on spot decision-making power while conducting the strategic planning of financial management.

CMA Certification

Requirements to Register in CMA Programs in Jeddah

Institute of Management and Accounting conducts the certification program globally. Several online Academies and course providers are also running CMA preparation programs to enable students to pass the CMA exam. Here are a few pre-requirements to become eligible for sitting in exams.

  • Bachelor’s Degree ( IMA-Approved Institutes/ Accredited College)
  • An applicant can apply within 7 year period after acquiring a bachelor’s degree
  • Fee Submission According to Modern Structures
  • 2-Consecutive years of professional experience working in the field

Why enroll in CMA Credentials?

After decoding “what is CMA certification,” you must be curious to know why the CMA credentials are impactful in Accounting and Financial management jobs.

Quick Handouts

  • Enhance the Salary Status: CMA-certified accountants have salaries manifold compared to ordinary accountants.
  • Professional Verification: Adding CMA to your academics adds worth to your professional career. It enables you to close high-end and expert vacancies in the top-rated firm. It verifies your expertise in the accounting and management field.
  • Globally Acceptable: The CMA is not an area-restricted credential. Rather it is impactful and approved globally, including USA and Arabian Golf. It adds worth to your CV as an accountant regardless of Nationwide discrimination.

What is CMA certification-Outlining the CMA Exams and Course

The CMA certification exam demands proper preparation. Hence, there are a few facts you must know about what is CMA certification preparation and course outlines.


CMA exams have two parts and a well-defined distribution of benchmarks and subjects.

Part 1: Financial Planning, Analytics, and Performance

Subject titles Weightage
External Financial Reporting Decisions 15%
Planning, budgeting, and forecasting 20%
Performance Management 20%
Cost Management 15%
Internal Controls 15%
Technology and Analytics 15%


Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

Subject titles Weightage
Corporate Finance 20%
Financial Statement Analysis 20%
Decision Analysis 25%
Investment Decision 10%
Risk Management 10%
Professional Ethics 15%

Exam Facts

  • Remote testing is available globally
  • IMA (USA and Australia also conduct the exam)
  • The language of Conduct is “English.”
  • 3 Sessions per year ( Jan-Feb/ May-June/Sept-Oct)
  • The questioners are Multiple Choice Questions and A part of the Essay Question
  • 4 hours of Exams
  • 360/500 is a passing score

Preparation Opportunities for Novices and Repeaters for CMA in Jeddah

ICMA is the main source that streamlines several courses and self-study programs for passing the exam and acquiring the CMA credentials. In addition, few globally accepted and reliable course providers assist students in preparing and appearing in the Exams. Quantum is a reliable source providing a preparation roadmap for CMA in Jeddah (KSA). 

Final Words

Pinpointing the answer to “What is CMA certification? I must say

  • It’s a way of embossing strategic planning and expertise in the Accountancy field with proper training and benchmarks.
  • The credentials hold global recognition empowering the status of the certification Holder.
  • Enables Meeting the Modern Management and Accountancy requirement

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