Prepare for IELTS 8+ Band at Quantum

Prepare for IELTS 8+ Band at Quantum.

Quantum Enables You to Secure 8+ Band In IELTS Exams With Smashing Success.

Dedication is an utmost factor in acquiring excellence in English linguistics. We help our dedicated students prepare for IELTS 8+ Band at Quantum within KSA

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) helps the non-English community acquire English language proficiency. IELTS in KSA is an utmost requirement for people working within the country also for global migration. 

Although the dominant official language in KSA is Arabic, ILETS has become the ultimate requirement for global communication. Moreover, it’s essential for migration-related to education, training, and working in countries where the medium of communication is English. 

How to Prepare For IELTS 8+ Band At Quantum

Quantum KSA is the most competent learning provider for distinctive global programs. Our professional and explicitly advanced trainers help students acquire 8+ bands in IELTS. The government immigration agencies, employers, educational institutes, and registration bodies often demand proof of English Language skills. Hence, IELTS is the most recognized Credential in most countries, including the gulf, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 

The applicants are assessed in four domains. Top-notch assessment experts design the assessments in the following domains. 

  • Listening 
  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Speaking

Is IELTS Difficult To Pass in KSA?

The trainers at Quantum KSA enable the student to focus on all domains with the following aspects. 

Comprehensive Practice/Learning Material

The integrated preparation system helps you develop excellence in 4 language skills. We provide a comprehensive learning program dedicated to enhancing your language skills.

Practice Test/ Mock Test

Practice is a gateway to learning. Therefore, the quantum design of the 15+ mock test is based on the IELTS test legacy and previous patterns. A student becomes much more familiar with the testing system before taking the IELTS exam. It helps you unlock the strategies and address the questions to find accurate answers. 

Face-to-Face Sessions with Trainers

ILETS in Jeddah at Quantum enables the student to attend face-to-face sessions for better understanding and comprehension. The concise batch size enables tutors to pay exclusive attention to each participant. 

Premium Faculties

The exclusive training staff and premium courses designed according to the British Council IELTS testing system embeds confidence for claiming the 8+ Band in IELTS exams.  

IELTS Band Scoring System

The IELTS test markings are measured in bands. The score ranges from 0-9 on the band scale. Each band corresponds to the Competence of a Tested English Language Skill. 

Although there are no passing marks for IELTS testing, it determines the skill level. Band 1 identifies non-user, and band 9 is an expert in the language. 

Band Score

Test Marks Language User’s Level
1.0 1-5 Non User
2.0 6-8 Intermittent User
3.0 9-14 Extremely Limited User
4.0 15-22 Limited User
5.0 23-27 Modest User
6.0 28-32 Competent User
7.0 33-36 Good User
8.0 37-39 Very Good User
9.0  40 marks Expert User


Types of IELTS Language Testing based on Band Scores

The IELTS training has two types of tests and certification. The sorting is based on the need for certification.

IELTS Academics

The test is for students willing to study abroad in countries that demand excellence in English Language skills. The training and testing system enables the students to acquire the ability to meet the academic environment of the institute. Students who acquire 6.5 to 7 bands are eligible for mostly renowned institutes. 

IELTS General Training

The IELTS general training is for emigrational and professional purposes. The assessments are based on compatibility with the workplace and social situations. Although the eligibility criteria are variable according to country and work firm yet 7+ band score makes you eligible for applying to emigration agencies.


Quantum knows how to prepare for IELTS academic and general training in KSA to acquire excellence in the English language and help you pass the assessment with amazing results. The training and testing system is scheduled according to the IELTS program. 

Prepare for IELTS 8+ Band at Quantum and Explore your Potential