IELTS Course Plan 2022- Quantum

IELTS Course Plan 2022

Explore the modern IELTS Course Plan aligned according to Cambridge

  • Academic and General Course Guides

  • Practical Strategies to Attempt the final IELTS Exam

  • Digitally Optimized Modern Resources

  • Professional And Well Reputed Faculties

  • Updated Mock Tests for Real-time Practice

IELTS Course Plan- Overview

IELTS is a most in-demand and authentic credential of English Language skills. Cambridge University designs an international English Language Testing System. It tests candidates on four skills; Listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, there is two modules system, including general and academic training.

IELTS Courses- Academic and General

Often IELTS preparation courses include both modules in the same training course. However, Quantum KSA has dual IELTS Course plans according to your selection of test types. The purpose of acquiring the certification determines the main difference between both courses.

IELTS Course Plan-Academic

The Foreign universities mainly require the academic IELTS course plan in KSA and for the students migrating to English-speaking environments outside KSA. It enables students to connect easily with the academic procedures without finding the communication chasm.

The Academic course plan is quite more related to educational backgrounds. All four skill tests are designed to meet the students’ interests and informative interface. Usually, the reading and writing tests are distinctive for academics, but speaking and listening are the same for both modules.

IELTS  Course Plan- General

The general IELTS exams are for professionals, workers, and emigrants migrating to English communities. In KSA, many high-profile professionals cannot maintain fluency in the English language, making it challenging to communicate in a multi-linguistic community. IELTS general is a testing system that enables you to get sufficient fluency in language skills.

The reading and writing of the IELTS general course plan are quite different and more about everyday communication. Similarly, the marking system is also according to general official and social communication requirements.

Quantum IELTS Course Plans-4 Week Plan Aligned With 4 Parts

In Jeddah, Quantum offers four weekly plans for IELTS 4 test preparation. Each week is assigned to skill and reinforced with mock tests designed according to final IELTS exams.

Online Sessions

Online training sessions for IELTS help students prepare for the final exams. It individually decodes the weak areas and enables candidates to acquire excellence quickly.

Significant Practice Resources

Beside Mock tests, Quantum enables students to get help from available resources extracted from previous and modern demands of IELTS exams. Audios for listening and reading material help students get colorful bands in final exams.

Integrated Mock Tests

The mock tests are a comprehensive training resource for students. It combines and integrates all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Eventually, it effortlessly improves cognitive and analytical capabilities.

Community with Similar Aims

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, team up. Quantum provides you with enough exposure to the community with similar aims. Small batches can team up and communicate to identify and modify the weak areas. Group discussions and enough opportunities to speak about the issues in a community boost your confidence.

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