CMA Certification Requirements


Become a Certified Management Accountant with Quantum

We enable you to clear the path and attain CMA certification with ease. ICMA declares clear notifications to appear in the ICMA exams held in three windows. An applicant is eligible to apply after accomplishing the CMA Certification Requirements mentioned below.

  • Hold Bachelors Degree ( Refer to CMA Handbook)
  • Professional Experience of 2 years in financial and accounting management
  • Registration into the IMA program
  • Enrollment into the CMA program

Becoming an IMA Member

To register for the IMA program, you must follow the following procedure. The process is online, and you can access the IMA portal after accomplishing it.

  • Apply for the membership program through IMA’s Website
  • Fill up the form
  • Pay the one-time application fee and membership fee

Once you get the confirmation, you can avail yourself of the discounts and networking facilities through access to the worldwide community.

Applying For CMA Certifications Program-Requirements

After becoming an IMA member, an individual is eligible to apply to the CMA program. CMA certification requirements are also mentioned on IMA’s Official Website.

You can appear in CMA exams for up to 3 years to acquire CMA credentials. If an applicant fails to pass both parts in 3 years, you must pay the fee again and enroll in the CMA program. ICMA grades are also mentioned to the employer upon request.

Pivotal CMA Certification Requirement

Once registered for the CMA program through ICMA, you must prepare for the exams with authorized academies and institutes.

  • CMA exams have two parts with assigned courses. Predominantly first part covers Financial planning, performance, and analytics. Whereas, the second part covers strategic financial management.
  • The English Language is the medium of conduct throughout the program and exams.
  • The CMA review system enables the repeaters to attain the credentials in multiple attempts.
  • To meet the CMA certification requirements, you must pass both exams in a season.
  • The 3 testing windows are January-February/ May- June/ September, and October.

CMA Certification Requirements –Academics

The ICMA defines academic eligibility to meet the CMA certification requirements. CMA Certification requirements in KSA are the same as mentioned on the official website. You can also ask a consultant from Quantum to find the detailed requirements.

  • Four-year degree(bachelor) from an accredited university or college. The candidates applying from KSA must have a bachelor’s degree from USA accredited college or university.
  • CMA Certification (KSA) can also be accomplished by evaluating the degree of an unaccredited college via an independent agency.
  • CMA certification Requirements in Jeddah can be accomplished by providing equivalent certification through professional certifications as a substitute for the degree.
  • Submission of digital verified transcript through the college or university within 7 years of graduation


CMA Certification Requirements-Professional Experience

CMA candidates must have 2+ years of experience in the management and accounting field. The candidate can also apply with 20 hours/week working part-time in the finance field to meet the professional requirements for CMA credentials. In contrast, part-time work in the field for 4 hours can also meet the demands.

Requirements to Apply to CMA Exam Preparation Program- CMA Quantum Jeddah


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