IELTS Exam Structure


IELTS Exam Structure-Academic and General Explained

An applicant must know the latest IELTS Exam Structure before applying for final tests. Quantum IELTS program Jeddah is according to the latest IELTS Exam Structure of 2022. From orientation to the final session, mock tests are all aligned to meet the modern formats of IELTS exams.

IELTS Exam Structure 2022- Guide to Prepare for IELTS in KSA

Students preparing for IELTS through Quantum (Jeddah) are at the advantage of knowing the test formats even on the first attempt. The two IELTS modules have the same Listening and Speaking test, but the Reading and Writing tests are distinctive to each module. An applicant must select the test module that enables him/her to acquire the required credentials.

IELTS EXAM Parts- 4 Tests Based System

The IELTS exam format consists of 4 skills tests Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. When the final exam, an applicant takes the reading, listening, and writing tests without any break. The Speaking test date and time are settled according to local arrangements of the IELTS Test Centre in Jeddah.

1-Listening Test

The listening test formats of the IELTS exams assess the listening skills on the following factors;

  • Understanding factual information and main ideas
  • Recognize the attitudes, opinions, and purpose of the speaker
  • Follow cognitive response to developing an argument

Listening Test Format

To precisely assess the skill, the candidate will listen to native English Speakers’ recordings. A series of questions are also available with each recording, and students are asked to answer.

1st Recording: It includes an everyday conversation between two people regarding any social context.

2nd Recording: A speech (monologue) for a social context

3rd Recording: The recording is complicated, with up to four speakers involved. The dialogues are regarding training or educational conversation.

4th Recording: It’s a monologue or speech regarding an academic subject.

2-Reading Test

The reading test for general and academics are variable. Both candidates have to read efficiently and quickly 3 different passages in a time frame. After reading, you will answer the questions of the IELTS Reading Test. The reading test is designed to evaluate your reading skills on how well you can;

  • Read main ideas
  • Read details
  • Read General Sense Passage
  • Understanding the implied meanings and inferences
  • Recognize attitudes, opinions, and purpose
  • Follow the development in an argument while pacing the reading

Academic Reading Test Format

Candidates must read 3 long texts, including factual/discursive, analytical, and descriptive. The content can be from a book, magazine, newspaper, or journal. Although the content is designed for a non-specialist audience yet is suitable for pre-university students.

General Reading Test Format

The reading content is derived from magazines, books, newspapers, handbooks, guidelines, notices, etc. Most of the content is aligned with material one encounters in English Speaking Environment. It helps candidates effectively get into social communication.

3-Writing Test

The writing is also distinctive for academics and general modules of IELTS exams. Both exams are set to assess the candidates on how efficiently a person can;

  • Organize Ideas
  • Write an appropriate response
  • Application of vocabulary and grammar

Academic Writing Test Format

  • Task 1: A candidate has to write on the objective given in the Test, which can be a graph, table, diagram, or chart. Summarize and describe the information using your cognition and data explaining.
  • Task 2: It includes Essay writing in response to an argument, point of view, or problem. Elaborating the factual condition while representing it with an interesting and engaging description.

General Writing Test Format

The general writing topics are related to the common interests of people living in English speaking environment.

  • Task 1: A candidate has to write about a situation given. Usually, a formal or semi-formal style letter to inform or explain a condition.
  • Task 2: It’s about writing an essay regarding a point of view, argument, or problem.

4-Speaking Test

The Test is designed more like an interview with a certified IELTS examiner. The interactive Test includes a discussion about the real-life situation. You can get a better band score in the speaking exam when you are relaxed and fluent in the language. Quantum IELTS programs in KSA enable the students to acquire the affluent English language flair to attain the demanded fluency.

Moreover, the Test is recorded, and the candidate gets the evaluation based on the following aspects of English speaking skills;

  • Communication opinions and information
  • Speaking for a certain length of time with appropriate language
  • Coherently organizing ideas
  • Expression aligned to justified opinions
  • Analytical discussion and speculation of topic

Speaking Test Format

  • Part 1: Introduction and greeting with the examiner and general questions regarding familiar topics.
  • Part 2: A task card will be assigned on spot and asked to prepare a 1-2 minutes talk with notes about the given topic. After the talk, you will be asked one or two questions regarding the topic.
  • Part 3: Includes Critical questions regarding the topic assigned in part 2. The flexible questions enable you to develop and display your ideas in abstract and unique formats.


IELTS Exam Structure- Quick Details

Test Type Timings Number of Questions Marks

Tasks Types


30 minutes

10 minutes Extra


40 marks

Convertible to band scores

  • Matching
  • Multiple Choice
  • Sentence Completion
  • Map/Plan/Diagram labeling
  • Completion of summary/flow-chart/form/Note/ table

Reading Academics

60 minutes 40

40 marks

Converted to band scores

  • Fill in gaps
  • Match headings to text
  • Sentence completion
  • Short answers to questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
Reading General 60 minutes 40

40 marks

Converted to band scores

  • Fill in gaps
  • Match headings to text
  • Sentence completion
  • Short answers to questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions

Writing Academics

60 minutes


2 Tasks

Marked by IELTS Examiner

Constitute half or whole band in scores

Task 1: 150 Words Writing
Task 2: 250 Words Writing

Writing General

60 minutes


2 Tasks

Marked by IELTS Examiner

Constitute half or whole band in scores

Task 1: 150 Words Writing
Task 2: 250 Words Writing


11-14 minutes 3 Parts


Constitute half or whole band in scores

The interactive assessment is based on :

  • Coherence
  • Pronunciation
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy


 The IELTS Exam Structure 2022 is according to outlines provided by Cambridge.


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